rosie odonnell oprah Rosie O'Donnell moving to Texas to live with new girlfriend. Wow, that was fast!
Rosie O’Donnell sits down with Oprah Winfrey on Monday and talks about the breakup of her 12 year relationship with Kelli Carpenter and her new girlfriend Tracy Kachtick-Anders.
She even talks about… menopause. OK, TMI.
Just for fun, check out this photo of Oprah and Rosie back in the day. What day, we have no idea, but judging by the hair, it was probably early 90’s or late ’80s..


Rosie discusses co-parenting their four children “Although we co-parent,” says O’Donnell, “we share equal time but we’re never really without them. Some are here. And that’s the way we did it. It’s free-flowing, and we do nights together, too.” 
On what attracted her to her new girlfriend, the Texas-based artist (with six children of her own) Kachtick-Anders, O’Donnell says, “So she got out of the car in Miami and I was, like, zoinks, you know, because she’s absolutely gorgeous and, I don’t know, I felt like I knew her right away. It was very odd.”
Rosie’s even going to move in with Tracy, she says, “As soon as we can arrange the kids’ thing where she lives in Texas, you know.” 
Rosie in Texas? Now there’s a reality TV show we’d watch.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead