rosie odonnell 400 Rosie O'Donnell is on Team ConanRosie O’Donnell was at the TV critics press tour Thursday (Jan. 14), and the former daytime host was asked the inevitable question of whether she has any late-night hosting aspirations.

“That question today is like asking if I’d like to vacation in Haiti,” O’Donnell cracked, getting a sizable but slightly squirmy laugh from the roomful of reporters. “Although I hear it’s an enjoyable place, this wouldn’t be the time to go, correct?”

]]>with Coco: “I’m a huge fan of Conan O’Brien, and [‘The Tonight Show’] is a franchise that’s been 60 years with NBC. And if you’re privileged enough to be asked to drive the bus, you should say thank you, and drive it to the best of your ability. And when it’s time for them to hire a new driver, you should say thank you for allowing me to drive this as long as I did, and pass the keys to the new guy with red hair, and not try to flatten his tires before he even gets going.” O’Donnell, who appeared with her son Parker, was promoting her film “A Family Is a Family Is a Family,” a kind of 21st century “Free to Be You and Me” in which kids (including Rosie’s daughter Vivienne) are interviewed about what makes a family. It also includes songs from the likes of They Might Be Giants and Ziggy Marley, and an animated sequence where Frank Sinatra’s “Too Marvelous for Words” is sung by a tuxedo-clad sperm to an egg. No, really. It premieres Jan. 31 on HBO. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest celebrity news and buzz. More Rosie O’Donnell Dish: Rosie O’Donnell’s new girlfriend Tracy Kachtick-Anders has six kids! Photo credit: Getty Images

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