Rosie O’Donnell told Oprah Winfrey Monday (Jan. 25) that she actually met her new girlfriend Tracy Kachick-Anders when Tracy wrote to Rosie on her blog about trading art.
After reading that she was a lesbian with six kids, one with Down syndrome and five adopted, Rosie wrote back to Tracy, who was surprised to hear from her. 
They met in Miami and it sounds like it was love at first sight.

]]>“So she got out of the car in Miami and I was, like, zoinks, you know, because she’s absolutely gorgeous and, I don’t know, I felt like I knew her right away. It was very odd,” admits Rosie.

Native New Yorker Rosie’s planning to move in with Tracy she says, “As soon as we can arrange the kids’ thing where she lives in Texas, you know.”
Love moves mountains, doesn’t it? 
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