rosie-odonnell-fiance-wife-pics-michelle-rounds-gi.jpgRosie O’Donnell announced Friday (Aug. 3) via a poem on her blog that her fiance, Michelle Rounds, has been diagnosed with rare desmoid tumors, causing the couple to postpone their wedding to next summer.

O’Donnell writes in part, “it begins/on mothers day/morning pain/that won’t let up/we wander thru the maze of medical mystery confused — scared/mish gets even smaller/i get even bigger — sugar my solace.”

She goes on to describe the tumors as “odd and curious beasts” and “a non cancer that acts cancerous.” The rare disease affects only three out of a million people. Rounds is recovering now from surgery she had in June and is “getting stronger every day.”

Marlene Portnoy, executive director of the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation, tells the New York Daily News that the tumors arise from connective tissue, are “locally aggressive” and can be fatal. They’re treated with radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

O’Donnell and Rounds are asking for donations to the DTRF in lieu of wedding gifts.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper