roswell reunion atx cast 'Roswell' reunion reveals that Brendan Fehr once peed his pants for $100The cast and creator of The WB’s beloved three-season alien drama, “Roswell,” in Austin, Texas on June 9 to reminisce about the three years they spent working on a show about extraterrestrial teenagers in the days before social media, from 1999-2002.

While the main takeaway from the cast at a press conference before their screening and panel at the 2014 ATX Television Festival was that 12 years is a really long time — they’re all grown-ups with families now and they were all kids then — the cast revealed a couple of juicy behind-the-scenes stories.

But, what you’re probably waiting for, about that one time Brendan Fehr peed his pants on set: It wasn’t actually a dare — he just was feeling lazy and had to go to the bathroom, and Jason Behr said he’d pay him $100 if he did it. “I thought it through like it was actually a good idea,” he says.

“I have a $100 bill from Jason still. It’s still framed,” Fehr continues. “This is the thing — I would’ve punched myself in the face so many times if I could go back in time.”

Majandra Delfino says she inadvertently witnessed the incident. “I rounded the corner as he was peeing and was like ‘What’s happening?’ What’s so funny, just to show you where we were all at, it didn’t seem that crazy to me,” she says.

Don’t worry — Fehr washed his own clothes and cleaned up his mess, and yes, would never do something like that again. “It was way more than I thought, too. I totally underestimated the amount that one pees.”

That wasn’t the only silly story from set, but Fehr recalls the time with fondness. “You look back and just go man, we were really young.”

While fans back in the early ’00s didn’t have social media like TV fans today do, they were still just as devoted. “I remember a woman came to set and she had the hand tattooed on her stomach,” Shiri Appleby says. “I still think about that.”

Adds Behr, “I was very surprised but flattered.”

Most of the cast members present — Fehr, Behr, Delfino, Appleby and Nick Wechsler — hadn’t watched the show in a while, but Wechsler remembers re-watching the series a few years ago to update his acting reel. “It was a lot of fun seeing everyone so young, but there was a lot of good work in there. Great writing, great direction,” he says.

Posted by:Jean Bentley