NadyaSulem_Jason_57373283_600  "I just want it to be very not "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Nadya Suleman tells about her newly contracted reality show about her 14 IVF children. "Where I feel they made a mistake being very — allowing it to be very exploitative and invasive in the kids' lives."

Suleman says in Radaronline's video that her show will take a more educational approach, monitoring the growth and development of her octuplets.

"I want it to be more intellectual and educational, not so superficial."

Superficial? Ouch.

Them's fighting words from a woman who has Angelina Jolie-esque inflatable lips and perpetual French manicures, and recently got a huge, colorful tattoo on her back (captured on video) to commemorate her 14 kids.

Who you calling superficial?

Your turn, Kate.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead