gilles marini royal pains 'Royal Pains': Gilles Marini has a 'Dancing' fever relapseDivya (Reshma Shetty), a physician’s assistant at concierge medical practice HankMed, and fiance Raj (Rupak Ginn) want to dance at their wedding on USA Network’s comedy-drama “Royal Pains,” but they may need a little help from “Dancing With the Stars” alumnus Gilles Marini to do it.

In “Listen to the Music,” the second-season finale, airing Thursday, Feb. 24, the couple needs to learn the tango, so choreographer Niko (Marini) steps in.

But first, Marini has to firm up his viewing-party plans for his “Dancing” pro partner Cheryl Burke.

“Oh, gosh, Cheryl,” he tells Zap2it, “I’ve got to ask her to come to my house for the ‘Royal Pains’ thing that I’m doing, because I’m playing a dance choreographer. She’s going to have a blast with that one and making fun of me.”

gilles marini royal pains 2 'Royal Pains': Gilles Marini has a 'Dancing' fever relapseIn season 8 of ABC’s ballroom dancing reality/competition show, French heartthrob Marini — who claims he never set foot in a dance studio before he met Burke — made it all the way to second place behind gymnast Shawn Johnson.

Asked if the “Dancing” experience helped him land the choreographer role on “Royal Pains,” Marini says, “Let’s put it this way, I could have had the audition and maybe got the job, maybe, but because they knew that I was able to perform a dance, because of Cheryl Burke, I had the offer. Let’s put it this way.”

“Royal Pains” is set in the Hamptons on Long Island, N.Y., where well-heeled society types like to summer. But it wasn’t exactly summer when Marini shot his scenes, unless you like to hit the beach in November.

“I would love to see the Hamptons in the summer,” he says. “The houses are phenomenal. The house that we shot in was twentysomething-million dollars. I’ve never seen houses like that in my life. It was insane.

“I want to go back when it’s not cold, raining, some snowing. It was like a storm when we shot. We had to do ADR [to re-record dialogue] afterward, there was so much noise on the windows, with the rain.”

With wild weather outside, the inside had plenty of drama as well.

“Somehow my character gets extremely sick,” Marini says, “and he needs very fast medical attention, or he can die.”

Also, as fans of the show know, Divya has wavered in her commitment to go through with the marriage to Raj, which was arranged by her traditional Indian parents.

“I know the answer,” says Marini, “but I’m not sure if I can tell you. Something happens during our rehearsal, and you will understand during the show what’s going to happen.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare