royal prank call nurse Royal prank call nurse found dead of apparent suicide

A woman believed to be the receptionist who led to Kate Middleton’s confidential information being leaked during a prank call has been found dead at an address near King Edward VII Hospital. She is understood to have committed suicide.

This information comes from Sky News, who learned from a Scotland Yard spokesman that the woman was pronounced dead on the scene earlier this morning. “The death is not being treated as suspicious at this stage,” the spokesman said. TMZ adds that the woman is believed to be the receptionist who answered the call, not the nurse who gave out the information.

This incident comes not long after two Australian DJs called up the hospital pretending to be Queen Elizabeth. The receptionist and nurse who answered believed the prank call, and gave out personal information about Middleton’s health. Middleton had been hospitalized after being diagnosed with a severe form of morning sickness. King Edward VII Hospital was understandably upset by the situation, and is said to be cracking down on security measures.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz