will kate walking gi Royal Wedding meets 'X Factor': Prince William and Kate Middleton's camera coordinatorAs if the Royal Wedding needed more star power.

]]>Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s April 29th wedding is fast approaching. Each and every moment of the big day is being logged and accounted for as the world will watch on — a big job for whomever is behind all those cameras. Enter Diccon Ramsay. The 27-year-old currently serves as stage manager for Simon Cowell’s British “X-Factor” and has been tapped as the coordinator for all 60 cameras inside the Westminster Abbey. Talk about all access. According to The Hollywood Reporter, cameras are expected to relay the entire wedding to viewers around the world on a single feed. It will reportedly be the most technically advanced broadcast of this generation. “It’s a one-off — nothing can be missed,” a production source says. “If Kate wells up dung the ceremony we need it in close-up and high-definition. No wedding in history will have been covered like this.” Some 2 billion viewers will be watching as Ramsay helms the controls — Let’s hope “X-Factor” trained him well.  No pressure or anything.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci