royal wedding mug screw up Royal wedding oops: Prince Harry appears on commemorative chinaIt’s a classic case of mistaken identity… plastered on Royal wedding commemorative china. No big deal.

Prince William and Kate Middleton may be putting on the wedding of the decade (century, millennium — whatever floats your boat), but it’s Prince Harry‘s mug that’s appearing on this limited edition mug.

A company called Guandong Enterprises has royally flubbed on their commemorative cup, which retails at �9.99 (roughly $15.99). It’s “crafted in the finest bone china” and “features an exquisite design of the happy couple with ornate gold detailing.” Only problem is, they’ve replaced William’s photo with that of his fiery-coiffed younger brother. Happy couple, indeed.  

We’ll take this as a (hilarious) sign that the William & Kate novelties are reaching the point of overload. Seriously, enough!

We can’t wait until the April 29th nuptials, but more importantly — for people to relax when it’s all over. Until, of course, Kate announces a bun in the oven and we start these shenanigans all over again. Sigh. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci