Forget six degrees of separation! How about two? Alice St. Clair, the British actress playing Kate Middleton in “William and Kate: A Royal Love Story,” the Hallmark Channel’s planned TV movie on the royal wedding, has a direct connection to the big nuptials.
According to The Daily, St. Clair’s father is Cmdr. Peter Loughborough. Wait for it… He heads the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection group, the Scotland Yard division that protects the royal family and its palaces!
He’ll most likely be front and center for the big occasion on April 29 commanding the officers during the festivities.
Having commanded the royal bodyguards since 2003, Loughborough isn’t just your typical police officer. He also goes by the titles “Lord LoughBorough,” “Seventh Earl of Rosslyn,” and the “Tenth Baronet St. Clair.” Apparently, their family crypt is in the Rosslyn Church, one of the rumored homes of the Holy Grail.

While the actor playing Prince William has yet to be announced, St. Clair starts production on the Hallmark TV movie in May.
Well, that’s one way to research your part, no?

Posted by:Jethro Nededog