scot guard Royal Wedding: Scots Guard banned for calling Kate Middleton a 'stuck up cow' on FacebookAn 18-year-old Royal Scots Guard has been relieved from the wedding day duty for reportedly called soon-to-be-princess Kate Middleton a “posh b****” and a “stuck-up cow” on Facebook.

Apparently Cameron Reilly felt snubbed by Middleton, according to the Daily Mail:

‘Her and William drove past me on Friday and all I got was a s****y wave while she looked the opposite way from me, stupid, stuck-up cow,” wrote Reilly. “Am I not good enough for them! Posh b****. Who really gives a f*** about her?”

Unfortunately, a closer look at Reilly’s Facebook page also turns up boasts about attacking “a black man” while home on leave and anti-Semitic comments, including “Watching a massive Jew gathering at the Tower of London! Have never seen so many rabbis in my life.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson