rpm miami 'RPM Miami': The first biligual one hour drama premieres in MayBreaking ground in a number of ways, “RPM Miami” is the first fully bilingual American scripted series, set to premiere Sunday, May 1 on mun2. It’s a one-hour drama, with 13 episodes shot over only 6 weeks, featuring characters who speak both English and Spanish freely and constantly.

At the NBC Universal Summer press day, executive producer Alonso Galvez noted that this series is produced with the “multicultural American market” in mind — and for “everyone who’s bored with Rosetta Stone.”

Adrian Bellani, best known for his work on “Passions,” plays Alejandro, who returns from 5 years in Iraq to enter the world of Miami underground street racing where he hopes to learn more about his father’s disappearance. He’s joined by pop star Frankie J as Ramon, who owns the RPM shop, and Fernanda Romero as Luisa, a single mother whose husband died in Iraq.

Romero describes her character as a “girl next door with an edge. She’s struggling with her life and just trying to make it,” Romero says.

Romero assures us that even if viewers don’t speak both English and Spanish, they won’t struggle to follow the action of the story. “Absolutely. We’re making history here,” she says. “We’re all very happy to be the first ones to do this. This show is bilingual, and both cultures are going to be able to watch it. It feels very organic. The parts in Spanish are going to be subtitled. It doesn’t feel forced, it flows. This is the first time that’s been done.”

The episodes were all shot on location — no sound stages — and you can expect to see a very diverse cast. “We’ve got Cubans, San Salvadorans, Venezuelans, Peruvians,” says Senior VP of Programming, Flavio Morales. He’s honest about the soapy content of the series: “I won’t lie to you. It’s not Shakespeare.”

“There are 50 million Hispanics in the country,” he adds. “They need to be entertained.”

Tune in Sunday, May 1 at 10 p.m. EST on mun2 to check it out — and maybe learn a thing or two.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie