james badge dale rubicon 320 'Rubicon' recap: Connect the DotsOn “Rubicon,” no thanks to any of Will’s handiwork, things start to come together. After spending last week off-camera, Ed is back with a vengeance, showing Will why his mental problems forced him to leave API as he starts getting weirdly obsessive with Will’s conspiracy.

He does manage to uncover some valuable information, though, as he tracks down Donald Bloom by calling every hotel in the city until he finds one with Bloom as a registered guest. Will then follows Bloom, only to find him having a lunch date with Kale, as it turns out they are old friends (and perhaps more) from their days as CIA agents. Of course, Kale sees Will following him, and gives him a warning to butt out.

Meanwhile, Spangler’s wife throws a charity benefit that all API team leaders must attend. That’s where Will finally meets Katherine – briefly – and we see more of Spangler, Wheeler, and the rest of the four leaf clover club being shady. We also find out that they’re following both Will and Katherine’s investigations into their possible wrongdoings, although Will might be off the hook now that their bugs picked up him telling Ed that there was no conspiracy and that they should stop looking. Will has no intention of backing off, of course, but was trying to keep Ed from totally going off the deep end …

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