james badge dale rubicon 2 'Rubicon' recap: Nothing Happens, AgainPreviously on “Rubicon”: Don’t try to sneak anything past a paranoid code cracker (is there any other kind?), and for God’s sake especially not when it comes to the number 13. I’m looking at you, crafty crossword columnists and would-be assassins. So … Will arrives to his first day stepping into dead boss David’s shoes as team leader, and he is nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs — and not just because the last person in his position met an untimely, bone-crushing end. In between research on international espionage involving a guy named Yuri (is there any other kind?), Will delves deeper into what really happened to David, eventually stumbling upon a page in David’s typewriter with a coded message: “THEY HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT.” His covert crossword sleuthing further uncovers a trigger for several apparent past revenge killings involving Hezbollah, amongst others. With only pieces of the puzzle in front of him, Will eventually blows up on his teammates for being variously pompous, ADD, and too darn cute for her own good. He heads to the roof to clear his head, wherein we see again that he is being watched and that his supposedly clandestine investigation is holding the attention of several others who’d sooner have him dead than alive.

Meanwhile Katherine attends the reading of her recently passed husband’s will. Not only did Tom suspiciously amend the will two days before offing himself, he also bequeathed a secret townhouse to her. She visits the hideaway and is alarmed by Tom’s altogether too apt penchant for Graham Greene. More to the point, she riffles through his things and finds a four-leaf clover, which — unbeknownst to her — links him back to all the code-tastic shenanigans Will is currently unraveling. That darn marsilea quadrifolia is at it again!

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