Harryhamlin_ashleydelgrosso_dancingstarsFor all the harping Wednesday on the rules of Dancing with the Stars and the people who broke them in Tuesday’s performance show — Willa, Joey and Mario, for those of you scoring at home — you’d think that this week’s elimination drama, such as it is, would focus on one of them.

And if the judges had the only say in the show, it probably would have, what with Willa and Joey doing illegal lifts and Mario breaking his hold in the middle of the tango. But you, America, apparently are not so bound to the conventions of ballroom dancing. All three breezed through to the next round. Harry Hamlin was sent packing instead, officially cementing his position as the second-best dancer in his family (wife Lisa Rinna finished fourth last season).

After all the tough talk from the judges, the decision was really kind of anticlimactic, if not all that surprising. It was clear last night that despite their so-so scores (they each got a 22) they were crowd favorites in the studio, and that apparently extended to the folks at home.

Jerry Springer was in the bottom two with Harry, but his self-mocking shtick and appeal to stay around at least until he can do a waltz (so he can dance with his daughter at her wedding) worked. Either that, or there are a lot more Jerry Springer Show fans out there than I thought. I choose to believe the former.

So, folks: Are lifts and things like that just too cool to resist voting for? Or are the rules of ballroom dancing so silly that you’re just voting for the people you like best, regardless of performance?

Posted by:Rick Porter