running from crazy mariel hemingway mental illness own 'Running From Crazy' on OWN: The Hemingways' struggle with mental illnessIn OWN’s new documentary, “Running From Crazy,” actress Mariel Hemingway opens up about her famous family’s struggle with mental illness and suicide.

Hemingway’s grandfather, author Ernest Hemingway, killed himself in 1961 just before Mariel’s birth. Her family has struggled with a daunting history of mental illness and suicide, and in the OWN documentary, two-time Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple talks to Mariel and her family members about their sad history.

Mariel’s oldest sister, Muffet, battled mental illness and drifted in and out of mental hospitals while Mariel and her middle sister, Margaux, acted and modeled. Margaux killed herself when she was 42, and Muffet was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The film splices archival footage of the sisters with interviews as they struggle to fight against their family’s history.

Watch a clip from the documentary below, then tune in to the premiere on Sunday, April 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN.

Posted by:Jean Bentley