FOX’s fall sitcom “Running Wilde” naturally draws comparisons to “Arrested Development,” but not because they’re anything alike.

The sitcom stars Will Arnett and springs from the comic minds of Arnett, “Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz and writer Jim Vallely, but don’t expect something quite as subversive or full of unlikable characters.

Steven Wilde (Arnett) is a spoiled playboy who has it all … except the love of his childhood sweetheart Emmy Kadubic (Keri Russell), who’s as liberal, eco-friendly and humanitarian as they come. Not exactly a match. Regardless, his efforts are recounted through the eyes of a the 12-year-old girl Puddle (Stefania Owen). The series also co-stars Peter Serafinowicz and David Cross.

“It’s different, there’s a burden association with ‘Arrested Development’ that’s a high class problem to have,” Hurwitz tells the TCA Monday (Aug. 2), although he allays some fears, adding, “We’re glad to be working and doing something that appeals to a wider audience …[and once we achieve that] more and more of our subversion will be able to come out.”

That said, Hurwitz doesn’t want to change “Running Wilde” into “Arrested Development 2.0” for a couple reasons.

“There’s real peril in trying to repeat yourself and trying to apply rules that apply to something else to a new project,” he observes. “[FOX chief] Kevin Reilly has been unbelievably helpful in helping us ground this and Helping me get out  my comfort zone. Sometimes it’s easier to write those unlikable characters because they do funnier things.”

keri russell will arnett tca gi 320 'Running Wilde': It's no 'Arrested Development'Additional highlights from the press tour panel:

Will Arnett

  • Hurwitz: “The fun for us in working with Will is finding those levels and dramatic moments.”
  • Arnett to reporter: “My Can-adar is going off. You’re Canadian.”

Keri Russell

  • Russell on why she signed on for a comedy: “I just wanted to be interested and it was interesting to me. I’d been reading a lot of film scripts that were more of the same. The type of movies I did want to make weren’t being made. This came my way and it was too good to pass up. It was fresh and excitng and I thought I’d try it.”
  • Arnett, jokingly: “We did pitch to Keri in Episode 2 we were going to cut her hair.”
  • Hurwitz: “One of the things we’re trying to do is have the characters take themselves seriously. We find Keri hilarious in this because she means what she says.”

Peter Serafinowicz

  • Serafinowicz: “The channel has come such a long way since the days they just did documentaries about foxes.”
  • Serafinowicz about appearing “brownface”: “First of all I’m a foreigner. He was from somewere in the Middle East, but we don’t know what’s going on with him [yet]. You’ll have to watch and find out.”
  • Hurwitz: “We’ll see him in a few roles.”

David Cross

  • Arnett: “Obviously we wanted David because he’s hilariously talented. Of course we’re going to get the comapriosn good and bad to ‘Arrested Developement, so f*** it, we might as well get him.”
  • Vallely: “If David wants to work with you, you say yes.”

“Running Wilde” premieres on Sept. 21 on FOX

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