jinkx monsoon alaska roxxxy andrews rupauls drag race finale logo 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 5 winner: Jinkx Monsoon, Alaska or Roxxxy Andrews    Who won?“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 5 came to a close on Monday (May 6), with RuPaul crowning America’s Next Drag Superstar from the final three made up of Jinkx Monsoon, Alaska and Roxxxy Andrews. So, who did Ru crown and award the $100,000?

After the hour-and-a-half reunion that saw each queen from the season take her place in the hot seat opposite Ru (more on that below), the crown was placed firmly on the head of Jinkx Monsoon, the campy, narcoleptic fan favorite from Seattle.

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Jinkx entered the competition with a strong comedic ability and, though she occasionally struggled with her fashion and endured some nasty criticism from the season’s pageant queens, she endeared herself to fans and Ru herself with her hilarious, campy presence.

Before learning she’d won, Ru asked Jinkx how she felt since taping concluded. The champ replied, “I think I’ve entered Jinkx 2.0: The butterfly phase.” And how right she was. As Jinkx said when accepting her crown: “Get ready, b—–s, because it’s Monsoon Season.”

Did the right queen win, “Drag Race” fans?

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Random Notes:

Detox was serving up such black and white realness that my brain couldn’t even comprehend how it was possible. Like, seriously, was she green-screened in?

– RuPaul performing her new song? A million AMENS.

– “To my dear, dear Serena: I would read you, but it appears life already has.” – Penny Tration, the season’s first eliminated queen to Serena Cha Cha, the season’s second eliminated queen, who was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HER.

– “Drag is what I do, trans is who I am.” – Monica Beverly Hillz, the show’s first transgendered competitor, explaining why she felt it was fair for her to compete. Preach, Monica, preach.

Lineysha Sparkx is still unable to name a Diana Ross song. “Um, immigration?” Ru deadpans. Perfect.

– Can we all pause and freak out for a second over the fact that Ru and LaToya Jackson have a single coming out? It’s called “Feel Like Dancing.” I can has now?

Coco Montrese, reflecting on her jank make-up ability: “Watching myself back on TV, I was like, ‘Ooh, you do look like a Dorito.'” Dead.

Ivy Winters named this season’s Miss Congeniality, earning a six-night stay, plus airfare, from Hilton Resorts for her and a guest. I guess it pays to be overwhelmingly bland?

– “I was really nervous because she’s so old … and I was gonna do Michelle Obama, but that was already taken,” Alaska on choosing to impersonate drag icon Lady Bunny during the Snatch Game challenge.

– “If, for any reason, our queen is unable to perform her duties, Coco Montrese has graciously volunteered to finish out your reign.” – Ru, just before announcing the winner, perfectly tweaking the Coco/Alyssa Edwards drama that nearly engulfed the entire season. Seriously, though, was there anything worse than watching Coco and Alyssa fight all season long and then basically admitting during this reunion that it was fake? Bleh.

– “I’m sick and twisted, and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” My new catchphrase.

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