rushlimbaugh jaylenoshow 290 Rush Limbaugh on 'The Jay Leno Show': Watch out, Al Gore!Rush Limbaugh is about the last guy you’d expect to be tooling around in an electric car, but that’s where he ended up on Thursday night, thanks to “The Jay Leno Show.”

Limbaugh took part in Leno’s “Green Car Challenge,” a “Top Gear”-like driving challenge in which celebs take a couple laps around a track in an electrically powered Ford Focus. The slimmed-down Limbaugh took to the track after a lengthy in-studio interview with Leno, during which the two men hit on topics ranging from the president to healthcare to the state of General Motors.

After protesting that “I’m saving the environment,” rather than the car, and foregoing the use of a helmet, Limbaugh put up the worst time of the celebs who have taken the driving challenge. But he didn’t care — the conservative talk-radio host took more delight into repeatedly hitting cutouts of Al Gore and Ed Begley Jr. with the car. He even backed up so he could hit the Gore cutout again.

Have a look:

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Posted by:Rick Porter