russell brand gi Russell Brand accused of smashing window with cell phoneWhat’s with celebrities snatching cell phones these days? Chris Brown had a warrant issued for his arrest, and now this.

Russell Brand has stayed under-the-radar since his split with Katy Perry, but this is sure to draw some unwanted attention. He’s been fingered in a New Orleans police report by a man who claims that Brand swiped his phone — and then smashed it.

According to TMZ, a paparazzo has filed a complaint against Brand, claiming that the comedian snatched his cell phone and then threw it through the glass window of a nearby abandoned window, shattering the glass.

The pap, named Timothy Jackson, says he was with a group of other paparazzi, and he started to take photos of Brand with his iPhone. Jackson claims that Brand “wrestled” the phone away from him before hurling it through the nearby window. He immediately filed a police report. There’s no word on whether he retrieved his phone.

Police are looking to question Brand about the incident.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie