russell brand katy perry gi Russell Brand could score $20 million payday in Katy Perry divorceRussell Brand may soon find himself without a wife since he filed for divorce from Katy Perry on Friday (Dec. 30), but the comedian could walk away with $20 million since the couple opted not to sign a prenuptial agreement when they married in 2009.

Under California law the couple will likely be required to split their assets 50/50, reports ABC News. And, according to Forbes magazine, Perry is worth approximately $44 million. Brand — a comedian and actor — is estimated to be worth $15 million.

“Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage,” announced Brand in a statement on Friday. “I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

Just a month earlier, Perry told Barbara Walters that all was well in her marriage and that they were even contemplating starting a family.

“Yes, of course,” she responded, when asked about having children. “I think that is one of the big reasons why you do get married.”

In early December, Perry also used Twitter to debunk rumors that her marriage was on the rocks:

“First I’m pregnant & then I’m divorced,” she joked. “What am I All My Children?! #ericakane #pshhh #ifihadadollarforeverytime…”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson