Movie star Russell Crowe may have made first contact with aliens. The “Les Miserables” actor tweeted a series of time-lapse photos taken outside his office in Australia, and they show a bright flash moving across the camera frame. Is it a UFO?

Okay, so it probably isn’t a UFO, but Crowe does have a decent case. His first post about the bright object appeared on the actor’s Twitter feed on Tuesday (March 5):

“UFO? Time Lapse Photos Outside RC’s Woolloomooloo Office (THESE ARE REAL!)”

A link to a YouTube video made out of the photos shows a bright, reddish flare moving across the screen. Further tweets from Crowe clarify that the pictures were taken by a Canon 5D camera mounted on the roof of his Woolloomooloo (Australian place names are the best!!!) building in order to capture the flight of fruit bats (yes, fruit bats!) out of a nearby botanical garden. The three photos posted were taken over the course of 4.5 seconds.

So is it a UFO? Crowe has certainly not admitted otherwise, and insists that nothing was done to the photos (other than the addition of music, naturally). Does the light come from a passing car? A flashlight? Some other easily explained source? Or has Russell Crowe finally offered proof of alien life?

You decide.

Posted by:Laurel Brown