russia gold medalists kiss gi Russian female gold medalists kiss on podium to oppose anti gay laws

Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firov found one surefire way of showing the Russian government that they don’t agree with its anti-gay propaganda laws. According to Yahoo, the two female Russian track stars showed their displeasure by kissing on the gold medal podium after coming in first place as part of the 4x400m relay team at the IAAF track championships in Moscow.

In June, a new law was passed in Russia that made it illegal to spread “propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations” to minors, which prevents the public discussion of homosexual relationships and rights around children. Ryzhova and Firov’s kiss is thus far the most visible protest against the law from Russian athletes.

People worldwide have been making their unhappiness with Russia’s anti-gay policies known. Swedish high jumper Emma Green Tregardo painted her nails in a rainbow at the track and field world championships. Meanwhile Andy Cohen is boycotting Miss Universe and refusing to co-host because the competition is being held in Russia.

Update: Both gold medalists have since denied that their kiss was a protest.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz