ruth madoff 60 minutes Ruth Madoff on '60 Minutes': 'I was kind of paralyzed' after learning of Bernie's Ponzi schemeRuth Madoff says she was in shock after learning that her husband Bernie’s investment company was in fact a Ponzi scheme. But they still went to the company Christmas party.

That’s one of the revelations in Ruth Madoff’s first TV interview since her husband was sentenced to prison two years ago. The interview with Morley Safer airs on “60 Minutes” Sunday (Oct. 30).

Madoff describes the state she was in when she found out her husband was about to be arrested: “I was kind of paralyzed. Bernie got up and said, ‘I’m going back to the office.’ And …”

Safer: “Was he emotional in any way?”

Madoff: “I don’t remember that either — he must have been.”

Safer also asks why the Madoffs attended the company Christmas party the day before his arrest in December 2008.

“I know. He phoned me from the office and said, ‘We have to go to the office Christmas party,'” Ruth Madoff says. “So I got myself together and went over there. We stayed a half an hour. And we just went home. And the next morning, the FBI was there to arrest him about 7 a.m.”

Here’s a piece of the the interview; “60 Minutes” airs at 7 p.m. ET on CBS.

Posted by:Rick Porter