We at Zap2it would like to extend our heartfelt felicitations to the YouTube on the occasion of its 100th anniversary this fine April 1.

Oh, wait. Just as parent company Google got into the April Fools’ Day act with Gmail Motion, YouTube has offered up its “Top 5 viral pictures of 1911” for your amusement. You can watch them all up above.

The 1911 clips are old-timey, silent-film versions of some of the biggest videos in YouTube’s actual, six-year history. Our favorites are probably “Buggy Intruder,” a takeoff on the Antoine Dodson video that includes the title card “Run and declare that, hayseed,” and “Horse & Buggy Crash,” in which the unsuspecting will get Ruth Roll’d.

And it wouldn’t be a YouTube countdown without an animal playing us off; in this case the honors go to the Flugelhorn Feline.

Happy April Fools’ Day. May your day involve as few Ruth Rolls as possible.

Posted by:Rick Porter