ryan dunn gi Ryan Dunn's 'Living Will': His last film with Bam MargeraRyan Dunn passed away early Monday morning after crashing his car in Pennsylvania while driving recklessly (and, allegedly, drunk). The “Jackass” star may be gone, but he’s not forgotten — in fact, he’s got a movie coming out.

“Living Will,” shot two years ago for a meager $250,000 budget, was slated for release this October, but may be delayed due to the tragic events, reports The Wrap. In the film, Dunn plays… a dead guy. Yes, his character, Belch, is a ghost who haunts his best friend.

The trailer hauntingly begins with the quote, “Call No Man Happy Until He is Dead.” Dunn’s character passes away from an aneurysm he has while on the toilet. “Being dead is the best thing that’s ever happened to me ever!” he says later, after plenty of typical invisible-guy antics, like helping his buddy win at pool and spying on women in the bathtub.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie