drunk christmas gosling fod Ryan Gosling and puppies celebrate a Drunk History ChristmasYou’re probably sick and tired of reading about how Ryan Gosling is a perfect human specimen — wait, who are we kidding? Of course you’re not, because Ryan Gosling is America’s treasure (yes, we know he is Canadian, and we’ve chosen to ignore that fact).

Today in “Gosling is my soulmate” news comes Funny or Die’s latest Drunk History video, in which Baby Goose re-enacts “Twas the Night Before Christmas” as recited by a highly intoxicated man. Guess what?! He’s adorable in it. Eva Mendes is pretty cute too, and Jim Carrey plays an excellent Santa.

Plus, if Gosling wasn’t enough to get you excited (and why wouldn’t it be?!), there is also a sleigh full of puppies wearing reindeer antlers. Check it out below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley