Sometimes you need a little help from your friends — but maybe Russell Crowe doesn’t think so after Ryan Gosling made a surprise appearance during Crowe’s presentation of the Best Supporting Actress category for the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Art Awards. 
Crowe was filming his presentation live from location on his new film “Nice Guys,” which co-stars Gosling. However, Gosling, seemingly well-intentioned, jumps into the video to congratulate Crowe for winning. 
It goes a little downhill from there since Crowe didn’t win, wasn’t even nominated — he’s just presenting. No worries, though — Gosling informs Crowe that he’s an honorary Australian due to his two years living in New Zealand, which of course is a completely different country. The accent he sports is pretty hilarious, until he finds out the video is being filmed live and all of Australia is watching. 
Oops. Better luck next time, Ryan. But at least you’ve given up that retirement from acting and we can all be happy about that. 
Posted by:Megan Vick