You can add “handsome vigilante” and “good Samaritan” to Ryan Gosling‘s growing resume.

The 30-year-old actor recently encountered a bit of a kerfuffle in New York City, and according to a clip uploaded to YouTube, he quite expertly disbanded the fight.

Uploaded Aug. 20 by user “queenofpinups,” the clip [via ONTD] starts out with a group of men unsuccessfully trying to break up a fight between two individuals. Enter a persuasive young man in a tank top and baseball cap…

The citizen journalists capture Gosling separating the two squabblers while playing referee and speedily ushering them towards the curb as traffic starts to come through the crosswalk. It’s around this point when the girls with the camera realize who’s playing the hero.

“That’s the guy from the movie,” says one. After clarifying that that movie is “The Notebook,” the video abruptly ends in squeals and shaky camerawork.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell