Remember that time when Ryan Gosling went all sexy rogue vigilante on us and quietly broke up a street fight in NYC, while wearing man-capris and melting the hearts of the women behind the hidden flipcam that caught it all on tape?

If you don’t, feel free to relive the glory here.

Now, our hero tells MTV that he was actually embarrassed by the whole incident. “I should have just kept my nose out of it,” he says. Apparently, the fight broke out between an artist and a fan who stole one of his paintings. “I said to the guy, ‘Why are you doing this?’ He said, ‘Well, he tried to steal my painting.’ I said, ‘How do you know?’ He said, ‘He comes here every day and looks at my paintings.'”

At which point, Gosling’s bleeding heart kicks in, because he’s totally just like Noah Calhoun in real life! “The guy was a fan. He wanted the painting so bad he had to steal it because he couldn’t afford it. So he’s getting his ass kicked by his hero, and then the guy from ‘The Notebook’ shows up and makes it weirder, and the whole thing, nobody wins. Nobody won. I did not win.”

We think we did, Mr. Gosling. We think you did.

“I’d just come from the gymnasium, so I was all stretched out and feeling warmed up.” We bet.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie