ryan gosling 324 Ryan Gosling protest rages on over 'Sexiest Man' controversyWhen the Occupy Wall Street protestors began their movement, we’re pretty sure this isn’t what they had in mind, but angry Ryan Gosling fans have struck up a picket line outside the People Magazine headquarters. The hashtag (because of course they’re live tweeting) is #OccupyPeople.

Hey. You know how the saying goes: If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. We’re just glad that people are putting their energy into something that truly matters, like comparing the sexy factor of two actors who basically have hit movies oozing from their pores.

In case you are way behind on the important current events, Bradley Cooper was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year this week. Some people agree, like our own Jean Bentley, while some, like the people with signs outside the building, currently chanting: “One, two, three, four/ Bradley Cooper is a bore/ Five, six, seven eight/Ryan Gosling’s super great.”

Buzzfeed, the site behind the revolutionary movement, even provided its supporters with a Ryan Gosling mask, because nothing says sexy like cutting the eyes out of your favorite celebrity’s face.

Here at Zap2it, we think there’s an obvious, simple solution to this dilemma. It involves shirtless wrestling. We’d be happy to host the event.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie