ryan gosling street fight Ryan Gosling saves pink wigged British woman from gnarly taxi accidentWho needs People’s Sexiest Man Alive title when you’re a real-life superhero like Ryan Gosling? On Tuesday (April 3), the actor reportedly saved a woman from stepping off the pavement in front of a speeding taxi at a busy New York intersection.

The woman in question, reports the New York Observer, is Laurie Penny — who writes for “the Independent, Guardian, Al-Jazeera, The Nation and others” according to her Twitter feed, where she detailed the her life-saving brush with fame.

In August 2011, Gosling made headlines when he intervened in a street fight — again, mainly to move the squabblers out of the street. On that occasion he was disguised as a gym rat — wearing a striped muscle shirt and sweats. This time, according to Penny, Gosling was clothed in head-to-toe denim which may or may not be his superhero garb.

Bradley Cooper, what have you done for us lateley?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson