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Ryan Jenkins, suspected murderer of Jasmine Fiore, was found hanged in a hotel room at the Thunderbird Hotel in Hope, Canada, according to TMZ. (For the record: A previous version of this post identified Ryan Jenkins as Richard Jenkins)

The rope around the closet bars left his feet able to touch the floor. 

According to TMZ, it's not yet known if he sedated himself prior to hanging.

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Jasmine's mother, Lisa Lapore, and friend Robert Hasman appeared on "The Today Show" to discuss the news of the apparent suicide.

Both admitted to mixed feelings, including Lapore's relief that Jenkins was no longer a threat to others.

"I was happy that Ryan killed himself," admitted Robert, who last spoke to Jasmine shortly before she was murdered.  "I don’t know how I feel right now."

Jasmine had texted Robert that she was coming to Las Vegas to see him.

"Jasmine and I spoke Thursday night, several texts and e-mails," he said. "And the last text I received was 1:45 in the morning Friday." 

Did Ryan know she was leaving?

"I can only assume that might have been the cause, his motive," said Richard. "I don’t know."

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