Swimmer Ryan Lochte is just two weeks removed from making waves at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and already he’s back in the States making headlines for partying with Prince Harry and talking about being the next “Bachelor.” Now he’s about to make headlines for an entirely different reason.

In a video from “Closing Time,” a Maryland-area talk show taped just after Lochte won his medals in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Lochte’s sister Megan has some interesting things to say …

“China was chinked out. Like, it was totally, like, Chinese. Everything. Chinks. There was only chinks everywhere,” says Megan.

When the talk show host asks her to maybe not use that word, she responds, “‘Chink’? But like it fits them ’cause they’re like ‘chink’ [pantomines].”

She continues, “You know how stereotypically they always want to take pictures, they take pictures of everything — *chink chink* … is that where it comes from?”

Megan later just lumps Japanese and Chinese people together — “They’re whatever we want them to be, they’re Asian.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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