Ryan O’Neal isn’t in Farrah Fawcett’s will? But her secret lover is? And guess who else got left out …


Can you say her alleged longtime BFF, Alana Stewart?

Farrah Fawcett left $4.5 million to her son Redmond, $100,000 to an ex-lover and zip to long-time love  O'Neal and Alana Stewart.

AlanaStew_Chris_3117707_600 RadarOnline.com got its mitts on a copy of Farrah's will — final date, August 2007 — and it reveals that she also did not get her final wish: to die at home, on June 25, 2009. Instead she died at St. John's hospital in Santa Monica.

 In addition to leaving the majority of her estate to Redmond, the docs reveal Farrah left $500,000 to her nephew Greg Walls, $500,000 to her father, James, and $100,000 to ex-lover Greg Lott.

 Ryan O'Neal and Alana Hamilton Stewart, heavily involved in her documentary, were not named. Alana filmed much of Farrah's final documentary and wants to release a Part Two. Ryan told the media that Farrah agreed to marry him in her final days.

As for Lott, he's been telling anyone who will listen that he was Farrah's secret boyfriend. He told a British newspaper he last spoke to her April 9 and says that Ryan banned him from seeing her. 

Lott dated Farrah in the '60s when she was at the University of Texas at Austin, and they reportedly rekindled their relationship 11 years ago, according to some sources.

Watch his interview here.

Whom do you believe? Greg, Ryan, Alana … or does Farrah's will speak louder than words?

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