The Teen Choice Awards just got a lot more interesting. And a lot more awkward.

Jake Gyllenhaal
 and Ryan PhillippeReese Witherspoon’s new boyfriend and her ex-husband — are both nominated for movie actor in a drama.

Jake Gyllenhaal is up for "Rendition" (possibly the worst film he’s ever been in), the film on which he met Reese Witherspoon. They kept their budding relationship on the QT even while promoting the film internationally. Now they’re out in the open, hugging, kissing, shopping, all that normal new-couple stuff.

Abbie_cornish Witherspoon’s ex-husband (their divorce was just finalized) Ryan Phillippe is up for the same award for his film,  "Stop-Loss," the movie that got him hooked up with — and hooked on — costar Abbie Cornish. They also denied any relationship during filming but recently made their first "we’re a couple" appearance at the Australians In Film Breakthrough Awards.

Thankfully, neither Abbie nor Reese is nominated for anything at the Teen Choice Awards. That would have been too much. This just in: Reese IS nominated for a Teen Choice Award for her role in "Rendition."  What an incredible coincidence.

And, as if having these Reese and her two guys, — Just call them Reese’s Pieces — competing for the same award, is not enough to make teen viewers tune in, Miley Cyrus, nominated for FOUR awards, will host the show.

And best of all, "Gossip Girl" is up for 14 awards! Can I get an OMG?

Voting can be done online at teenchoiceawards.com. You must be age 14 to 19, which lets me out, darn it. The show will air Aug. 4 on Fox.

Photos: Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe and, below, Abbie Cornish all have something in common. They’re actors?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead