scarjo ryan getty Ryan Reynolds files for divorce from Scarlett Johansson, Stephen Baldwin suing Kevin Costner over oil spillHere’s some pre-holiday appetizers that are low in calories, but heavy on celebrities:

We guess it’s really real now. Ryan Reynolds has officially filed for divorce from wife of two years Scarlett Johansson. The split does seen amicable, as Johansson filed her response to Reynold’s petition at the same time. Neither is asking for spousal support and sources say there is no prenup, which means everything will probably be divided 50/50. Reynolds listed the date of separation as Dec. 14, 2010, which Johansson agrees with. [TMZ]

]]>Stephen Baldwin has filed a lawsuit against Kevin Costner, claiming Costner set out to make millions off the BP oil disaster by tricking Baldwin into selling shares in a company that builds machines that separate oil from water. (An invention backed by Costner that was developed during — you guessed it — “Waterworld.”) Baldwin is claiming Costner made it seem like he had already sold his own shares when he was actually still invested. [TMZ] Hackers: Celebrities’ worst nightmare. Thankfully, in Kelly Osbourne’s case, it was the dumbest hacker. Osbourne tweeted, “Someone has hacked my mail account the police are now involved who ever did this is in big HUGE trouble!!” She also added that the guilty party forwarded all her emails to his own email address “so I now know who it is I will find u & u will be arrested.” Miley’s new BFF says she is “literally devastated.” [Radar Online] Former President George W. Bush’s lawn is going to need a little work after a man ran off the road and onto it on Dec. 23. The Bushes live on a public street, but it is gated and protected by the Secret Service. They questioned the man, but concluded he didn’t mean any harm. A Bush spokesman says Bush and his wife Laura were home but never in danger. [People] Hope you’re feeling better, brother! Hulk Hogan is recovering after a 10-hour surgery on his back Tuesday (Dec. 21). The wrestler basically had to have his “spine rebuilt” after sustaining many injuries over the course of his career in the ring. He was hospitalized in September after experiencing unrelated back spasms. [E! Online]

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