glee mark salling kevin mchale Ryan Seacrest breaks it to 'Glee's' Mark Salling, Kevin McHale that one of them won't make glee club next season!Gleeks, brace yourselves!

Someone’s not making it into New Directions this Fall.

“Glee’s” Mark Salling (Puck) and Kevin McHale (Artie) woke up early after their live performance in Los Angeles Thursday (May 20) night and spent 18 minutes on L.A.-based KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest. Although they might be regretting their decision after learning that one of them isn’t going to make the Glee club cut in Season 2.

Seacrest said he sent an email to the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, Thursday night asking if he could break anything to the “Glee” cast members in the morning. Murphy sent him a zinger of a response:

“You can tell them that both of their characters have to re-audition next season on the show…” reads Seacrest, pausing for initial reaction.

“Wait a minute, for the show or on the show?” asks Salling, followed by a big laugh from McHale.

Seacrest goes on, “…only one of them makes it in.”

“Ohhh, ohhh, I’m totally not going to make it in,” moans McHale.

Still concerned about what Murphy means by his phrasing, Salling rephrases his previous question, “But we’re still going to be on the show, right?”

“Then he says, ‘Ha! They know nothing of this. It could be fun,'” continues Seacrest, finishing up Murphy’s email.

“For who? Fun for who?!” exclaims McHale.

Seacrest then asks them to consider the possibility of not making the Glee club: “What would happen then if one of you doesn’t make it in?”

“I have to make it in,” says a now sullen-sounding McHale. “I’m not going to sleep now.”

For the majority of the remaining 18 minutes, we hear obsessive, fanatical Gleeks get the chance to gab on-air with Salling, 27, and McHale, 21. Although some of them were so excited they couldn’t even formulate questions.

Seacrest — or rather his team of worker bees — attempt to get Murphy on the phone to clarify his cryptic email for the “Glee” guys, but to no avail.

“Well, thanks for ruining my day,” jokes (we think) McHale at the end of the interview.

Somehow we don’t think the “Glee” guys have too much to worry about. But we have to admit we’re intrigued by Murphy’s twist for the Fall!

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Posted by:Christine Law