Ryan Seacrest.jpgRyan Seacrest, news anchor? As we reported earlier, the Wall Street Journal says that Seacrest is being considered as a replacement for Matt Lauer on “Today.”

NBC executives met with Seacrest on December 6th to discuss the possibility of Seacrest in the anchor chair if Lauer decides to leave his post next year. Now, Seacrest is definitely the hardest working man in Hollywood. We doubt he actually sleeps and we’ve even considered the possibility that he’s a cyborg. (The jury is still out on that one.)

We could see him taking over hosting duties for pretty much anything out there. (Is there anything left that he isn’t hosting?) But news anchor? Now, we’ll buy him doing a story about the latest fall fashions for men, gifts for the hamster-loving, raincoat-wearing lady in your life, or whatever silly lifestyle story they’re doing that day. But it’s the first hour we’re worried about. War, bombings and financial strife, reported on by a guy who looks like he just got back from surfing, even when he’s wearing a suit.

We’d love to hear how you feel about it. Take the poll below and let us know how many of you would get up early to watch the “American Idol” host talk about hard news? Vote now.

Posted by:jbusch