Looks like Ryan Seacrest’s interview in Details’ Mavericks issue about "not dating" was a large load of hooey, if you’ll pardon my French.

The "American Idol" host was spotted having dinner at Ago. But that was not their first (casual) date. And yes, we hear the paparazzi got photos of Seacrest with Sophie Monk, the 28-year-old, British-born, Aussie-raised model-singer-actress and ex-fiancée of Benji Madden. Expect to see these pixs on the Web by Sunday morning! In the meantime, click HERE to see video of the couple leaving a hot El Lay club.

Who_3103_coverHere’s the skinny: The pair was hooked up by mutual friends who thought they would hit it off. "Sophie’s got a great sense of humor. She’s really goofy and sweet, a down-to-earth gal," says one hooker-upper.

But she’s also a major babe and was "discovered" on the Aussie version of "American Idol," known as "Pop Stars," and is renowned for a remarkable resemblance to French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot

That’s Sophie, far left, posing next to Miranda Kerr, another Aussie model beauty who is reportedly dating Orlando Bloom.

Sophie’s also got a Hollywood career cranking up. She was in "Click," with Adam Sandler and had a brief part in HBO’s "Entourage" last season. And her newest film, "Sex and Death 101," opened in L.A. on April 4.

Sounds like a perfect time to unveil a hot new romance, right?

So here’s the premise of "Sex and Death 101": A guy gets an e-mail with names of all the women he’s ever slept with and all the ones he will in the future: cheerleaders, Playmates, schoolgirls. OK, guess who Sophie plays? And, according to the film’s reps, Ryan’s new babe has a full-on nude scene. Plus, she’s got three more movies in the proverbial pipeline: "Pearblossom," "Spring Breakdown" and "Spring Break ’83."

OK, so she’s not on the Oscar shortlist yet. But how about TV’s hot list? This is where Paris Hilton comes in.

Sophie was reportedly filming a few episodes of a potential reality TV series about her life with MTV network. Naturally, it included her then-boyfriend, Madden. But after she broke it off with Mr. B, it’s amazing how quickly he took up with his old self-promotional pal, Paris. Now it’s rumored that Benji will appear on Hilton’s new reality TV show about finding a new BFF.

One can’t help but wonder: Was Benji shopping for a new girlfriend or a new reality show?

Come to think of it, Sophie may have found a new producer for her show in Ryan. After all, he’s already producing Denise Richards’ new reality TV show. Hey, what’s one more? Especially now that we know he’s not all that busy.

Photos: WireImage and Who magazine

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