ryan seacrest american idol 320 Ryan Seacrest, Joel McHale, Nigel Lythgoe: TV Tweets of the past 24 hours

The wild, weird and insane television tweets of the past 24


Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here
too… not often though)

April Fools Day and the pranksters came out to play. “Community”‘s Joel McHale took control of Ryan Seacrest‘s Twitter page and caused some mayhem. Some of the highlights?: @ryanseacrest: I’m Joel McHale. I’ve taken over Ryan’s Twitter
and his treehouse. Anyone know how to bake cookies?

@ryanseacrest: In case u ever
want to hack Ryan, his password is “thirdnipple”.

@ryanseacrest: Know the
difference between me and Ryan? About 2 feet 3 inches. That should be

“So You Think You Can Dance” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe told us that he finally got his girls to join the show: @dizzyfeet:
I am delighted to
name our third “All-Star” she is brilliant at, Tap, Broadway, Jazz and
Hip Hop. She only agreed this morning- PAULA ABDUL


@dizzyfeet: He may be leaving
“Idol” but he’s joining the “All-Stars” before his wedding, representing
the genres of Wacking and Vogueing- SIMON COWELL

The “Psych” writers (normally @psychwrites) decided to pose as the show that ripped them off has striking similarities to their own series and became @mentalistwrites for the day: @mentalistwrites:
FUN FACT: Simon Baker’s hair takes 7 days to
prepare. We call it “Baking”

Simon Baker’s hair
can predict: 1. the weather 2. the ncaa tourney (we doubted it too
until it picked northern iowa over kansas.) 3. flavor

@mentalistwrites: Our People’s
Choice Award got stolen from our office. We found it the next day in
Simon’s trailer. Next to a Justin Bieber poster.

@mentalistwrites: Simon’s hair gets
paid higher than Robin Tunney.

@mentalistwrites: Fact:Pilot script
was titled THE METALIST about a dude who makes metal helmets. Due 2 a
typo, it became The MENTALIST, the show u know 2day.

The “White Collar” writers played a little prank on the “Burn Notice” scribes: @BNwrites: Hey @MattNixTV
We’ve had 3 hidden alarm clocks go off in the
office today! Who’s behind this mathem?!?

http://twitpic.com/1chrhh – Neal Caffrey
sneaks into the Burn Notice writers’ office

@WCwriters: http://twitpic.com/1chrt9 – @BNwrites will never know
what hit them..

Hey, Hart Hanson (creator of “Bones”), you tease, care to expand on this?: @HartHanson:
David Boreanaz got
me so bad in an April Fools prank. SO BAD! I can’t even tell you. So
bad I was banging my head on a Chicago wall.

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from today that we missed?

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