s club 7 S Club 7 reunion tour: Does anyone actually want this to happen?Remember S Club 7?

We didn’t, either. The UK-based pop group, which was most relevant in the late ’90s and very early 2000s, is staging a comeback. You may remember them from their multiple TV shows and specials, such as “S Club 7 in Miami” and “S Club 7 in LA,” but they were best known for being the redheaded stepchild of Spice Girls creator Simon Fuller.

They broke up in 2003, after a minor scandal involving their film “Seeing Double.” They flew to the premiere in economy class, and Fuller didn’t even show up.

Now, all 7 members are on board for a reunion. Jp O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole have been playing clubs as S Club 3, and they’ll now allegedly be joined by  Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Stevens to promote a Greatest Hits album.

“They’re hoping to make a TV show following their reunion, a tour and the
release of an updated Greatest Hits album – just like Steps,” a source tells The Sun.

Yes, The Sun. Still, this is just so crazy we’re inclined to believe it.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie