s club 7 S Club 7 reunites on Australian TV, makes us very sadIf the upcoming 2gether reunion is anywhere near as depressing as this S Club 7 reunion that happened recently on Australian TV, can we go ahead and pre-emptively call it off?

Look, we’re all about ’90s and early-’00s nostalgia. Why do you think we still have Justin Timberlake paraphernalia hanging in our bedroom cubicle — nevermind, let’s not reveal too many embarrassing things about ourselves today. Let’s just all agree that the cheesy pop music from the turn of the century still holds a special place in our heart.

Which is why we’d rather just listen to S Club classics like “Don’t Stop” and “Never Had a Dream Come True” over again rather than hear them performed half-heartedly a decade later by fewer than half of the original band members.

Check it out if you want to be sad for the rest of the day (thanks to Buzzfeed for the heads up):

Posted by:Jean Bentley