Sacha-Baron-Cohen.jpgThe cast of the upcoming musical film “Les Miserables” keeps getting bigger. We now know who will be playing the role of the evil, but funny Monsieur Thenardier opposite Helena Bonham Carter. Sacha Baron Cohen will be the “Master of the House.” Um, do we know if he can sing?

Not that this matters. Though they seem to be casting most of the Tom Hooper-directed film with actual singers, this isn’t always a big deal in Hollywood. Anyone remember Pierce Brosnan‘s scratchy warbling in “Mamma Mia?” Yeah, we wish we could block that out too.

Well, whether or not the “Bruno” star can sing aside, this is a really impressive cast so far. In addition to Cohen and Carter, the group is pretty star-studded. Hugh Jackman will be playing Jean ValJean, Russell Crowe is taking on Inspector Javert, Anne Hathaway will dream a dream as the tragic Fantine and Eddie Redmayne will charm the pants off Cosette as the studly, yet sweet Marius.

So, the question remains, who will play Cosette and the pivotal role of Eponine? Give us your casting choices below.

Posted by:jbusch