Mary-Tyler-Moore-SAG.jpgComedy legend Mary Tyler Moore was honored with a lifetime achievement award at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards, but she wasn’t sure that was going to be the highlight of her night. She was hoping to run into heartthrob George Clooney during the show.

Moore tells People about her first encounter with Clooney. “I met George Clooney in a very small elevator, and he came over and he
put his arms around me. I think he said
something like, ‘I love you.’ It was maybe two years ago. I am going to
seek him out tonight.”

She’s also honest about what happens during the moment the winner’s name is called. “It’s so hard to sit there with a smile on your face waiting for your
name to be called,” she said. “When it’s not, you keep the smile on your
face, and it’s just the dumbest thing. But tonight it was good because I
knew I was going to win, so I wasn’t that nervous.”

Moore has long been an animal activist and says that after the ceremony, she’s going home to hug her dogs. “We have four of them, and
they all sleep in the bed with us, or at least they try to. They are
always pushing us aside and right off the bed. I don’t need to have any
way to get to sleep after a night like this.”

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