Michelle Williams.jpgMichelle Williams is nominated tonight for her role in “My Week With Marilyn.” Critics said she channeled Marilyn Monroe. She stunned the red carpet in her red Valentino gown. But Williams says she’s keeping her young daughter Matilda away from awards shows for the time being.

She told E! red carpet host Guiliana Rancic that she wants to keep that part of her life away from Matilda until she’s a bit older, saying it might be confusing for her. When Rancic asked her what she has coming up next, she said, “Nothing.” She told Rancic that she wants to concentrate on being a mom for a while.

As much as we’ll miss her adorable face on the big screen, we’re sure that little girl is going to be thrilled to have Mommy around a lot more. Williams said she grew up with a picture of Marilyn Monroe in her room. We wonder if Matilda Rose will have one too. Maybe a picture of Mommy as Marilyn?

Posted by:jbusch