sag awards red carpet jessica chastain jessica rabbit gi SAG Awards 2013: Jessica Chastain as Jessica Rabbit?

Jessica Chastain stepped up to the Screen Actors Guild Awards official pre-show platform and just about knocked the wind out of Peter Castro
The Deputy Managing Editor of People magazine had to catch his breath when he surveyed Jessica’s ultra-glam, super sexy look, and basically blurted out his inner monologue, saying she looks like Jessica Rabbit — the animated sexpot from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”
Chastain’s reaction was nothing short of adorable, as she covered her face with both hands, blushing. She argued that she thinks Ms. Rabbit wore a purple dress — actually, it was a red dress with purple gloves — and Castro profusely insisted the remark was meant as a compliment. Jessica, who is nominated for her lead role in “Zero Dark Thirty” graciously thanked Castro and admitted, “I think every boy I went to school with had a Jessica Rabbit fantasy.” 
Who else thinks Jessica herself looked pretty fantasy-worthy on the red carpet?

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