A few years ago, musical visionary and Georgia native Larry Platt appeared on “American Idol” to open his heart to the world; Larry thought kids were lookin’ like a fool with their pants on the ground. 

And the city of Albany, Georgia agreed.

Nine months ago, Albany instituted a saggy pants ordinance. According to reports, 187 citations have been issued and $3916.49 in fines have been collected.  

First-time offenders pay $25; subsequent offenses can cost a violator up to $200. What exactly qualifies as saggy pants? Pants or skirts worn more than three inches below the top of the hips thus resulting in exposed skin or underwear.

Violators who are desperate to hold on to their cash can complete 40 hours of community service. All this for sagging your pants? You better believe it. 

And Larry Platt’s agenda is spreading. Other Georgia cities including Dublin, Hawkinsville and Rome are considering similar ordinances. 

So what do you think? Totalitarian state or about dang time?

Posted by:janderson