salem mercy lewis possessed elise eberle wgn america 'Salem': Elise Eberle and Iddo Goldberg 'embrace the pain'Mary Sibley and Tituba might get to cast all the spells on “Salem,” poor villagers Mercy Lewis and Isaac Walton get the brunt of their magic. That makes for some very physical days on set for stars Elise Eberle and Iddo Goldberg.

“None of my scenes are normal,” admits Eberle, who plays the possessed teenager Mercy.

The violent effects of Mercy’s supernatural possession cause her to get banged up on a daily basis — and Eberle even shaved her head for the role. But that’s something she expected going in to the show.

“This girl is suffering so much, so I want to embrace it, embrace the pain. As horrible as that sounds, it helps me get into character more,” she says. “I knew I was going to get scratched up.”

Goldberg doesn’t get tortured as much on a regular basis, but he commits himself to the role too — he even broke his wrist filming a horse and carriage scene. That’s all part of the game, he says, and after you watch the premiere, you can only expect more where that came from. “It’s just going to get more messed up and scary,” he says.

“Salem” airs Sundays at 10 p.m./9 p.m. Central on WGN America.

Posted by:Jean Bentley